2018 Commitment Series

Our Commitment Series for this year is called Better Together. We'll be engaging with God through the New Testament letter to the Ephesians, to see how faith in Christ affects our common life together. 

It promises not only to be a time of heightened activity, but also of deepening relationship with one another and with God. Scroll down for more details about Better Together.

Commitment Series Giving

Sunday 25 November is designated as Commitment Day. It's the day on which we encourage people to sign Commitment Cards to indicate financial support for our Mission Partners, as well for St Matthews' ministry in the year ahead.

This year we're hoping to raise a total of $120,000 for our Mission Partners. You can find out more about them here.

We'd love you to fill out a Commitment Card in church on Sunday 25 November, but if you'd prefer to organise your giving electronically, then you can do that here. Just make sure you include "CD Mission" in the description field.

You can make Commitment Series offerings all the way up to Christmas.

Small Group Booklet

Over six weeks the Better Together group booklet walks through the various ways the book of Ephesians shapes our understanding of church life and our place within it.

If you're not part of a small group, there's a page each week called Trio; 3 questions and 3 prayer points for you to share with 3 friends, at a time that works for you.

Download a copy here.

Serve Manly

As part of the Commitment Series, we are once again joining together to spruce up Manly Village Public School on Saturday 27 October. 

Work will start at 9am and finish at 1.00pm with a BBQ lunch (there's an early set-up shift from 7-9am too). 

Our main goal is to practically demonstrate God’s love to our neighbours in Manly.

Celebration Dinner

The Celebration Dinner is not only a highlight of the Commitment Series, but a highlight of the year at St Matthews. 

Come along on Wednesday evening, November 14, from 6.30 to 10pm to celebrate all that God has been doing among us at St Matthews in 2018.

Ticket sales have now closed.

Sign-up & Serve

One key way to demonstrate the principle of Better Together, is to serve the church and wider community. Sunday November 11 is a key day where we'll launch Sign-up and Serve, a practical way to take your place in serving one another. 

The Sign-up and Serve document will be available shortly.